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Car Breakdown Cover

An independent investigation revealed there were 224,225 vehicle breakdowns in 2018-19.

Now, no matter what car you own, you stand a fair chance at being a part of the figure for this year. Or maybe next year.

And almost 63% of car breakdown issues are non-start. Imagine if you are on the highway and your car stops. And then refuses to start.

What would you do?

Most people would call the Highway Agency through the National Vehicle Recovery Service. Logical move. But, they’ll charge you a flat fee of £150. Just for towing your car.

The cost of the parts that might need repair/replacement and the labor costs are over and above this. And you still might not be able to reach your destination on time. And we aren’t even quantifying the panic and stress that you’ll go through.

For less than half of the amount that you pay for the towing service, you can get car breakdown cover for a year.

Car Breakdown Cover service

Car Breakdown Cover

A car breakdown cover is like health insurance for your car. You pay a small upfront fee. And get car breakdown assistance for a year.

If your car breaks down, you are saved from the unplanned expenditure. And even if you are lucky and your car faces no issue, you get the mental peace, knowing that help is at hand.

What does Car Breakdown Cover Include?

Most people don’t completely understand the full expanse of features that a car breakdown cover can offer. And the lack of knowledge about what you get gives birth to the feeling that breakdown cover is not worth the money.

At White Recovery, we believe in being transparent about prices and what you get in return.

Here is what your car breakdown cover includes –

  • Roadside Assistance – If your car breaks down in transit, we will make sure the issue is fixed as soon as possible. And you can carry on with your journey.
  • Recovery (Local and National) – If your car cannot be fixed on the roadside, we will tow it to the local garage. Even if you are outside your city or state, we will make sure that your car is towed to the nearest facility for repair.
  • Provisions for Onward Journey – If you need to carry on the journey whilst your car is being fixed, we arrange and pay for public transport. Or a replacement car. This makes sure you reach where you need to be.
  • At-Home Breakdown Assistance – If your car breaks down at home or close to home, we offer coverage in such situations as well. If you wake up to a flat tire or a dead battery, you don’t need to worry.
  • Add-on coverage packages – If you travel across Europe, we have specific add-ons that offer Europe-wide coverage. Also, we have add-ons that include tire, battery, and key replacement.

You can explore our packages below and decide which coverage will be suitable for you.

From the most basic plan to the most comprehensive cover, no matter what package you choose, you get 24/7 assistance and immediate response.

Car Breakdown

Which Cover Do I Need?

It can often get confusing to identify which cover will be the most suitable for your vehicle.

Here are certain situations and the apt coverage option that will help you make a choice –

  • New cars – New cars don’t need repair. Mostly, not always. Flat tires, for example, can happen irrespective of the age of your car. Even if your car is new, you should still make sure that you have at least basic coverage for breakdowns.

Have a manufacturer warranty on your new car? Understand what coverage it offers. Is it sufficient? Does it give you complete peace of mind? If not, getting a car breakdown cover is the way to go.

Also, the manufacturer warranty won’t last forever. Once the warranty period is over, the breakdown cover will be your ultimate saviour.

  • Old cars and cars with a history of breakdown – It would be foolhardy not to get elaborate coverage for a car that has a history of breakdowns or is older than five years. You never know what may go wrong. You cannot predict breakdowns. Nor can you absolutely avoid them. The least you can do is stay prepared with comprehensive coverage.
  • For frequent travellers to Europe – If you drive outside the UK often, you might need assistance when travelling abroad. A Europe add-on will make sure you have help at hand anywhere in Europe.
  • For frequent longer journeys – If you mostly commute to work in your car, all you need during a breakdown is roadside assistance or towing to the nearest garage. But if you frequently take longer trips, a breakdown might mean you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. In such cases, a car breakdown cover with provisions for the onward journey comes in handy. If you have a plan that includes onward journey provisions, we will arrange for public transport or a replacement car (for a couple of days until your car is fixed, or till you reach your destination).

More comprehensive plans also include accommodation arrangements if needed.

Skimping on Car Breakdown Cover is Really Not Worth the Hassle

Even minor inconveniences will be enough to have you wishing you had purchased breakdown cover from the comfort of your home.

You might be able to fix the issue on your own, but won’t that take a lot of time?

Wouldn’t you be late for the destination?

Even if you are close to home, you need someone to take your car to the garage, right?

When your car breaks down, panic sets in even before you can identify what is wrong with your car. With your car breakdown cover, we not just promise to cover the financial expenses of fixing your car, but also guarantee a hassle-free experience. No matter where you are or when you need help – White Recovery is ready to help.

Car Breakdown Cover UK

Car Breakdown Cover Prices

Basic – £19.75 per year
Medium – £28.00 per year
Premium – £70.00 per year


Car Breakdown Cover – FAQ’s

Do I legally need a cover?

Car breakdown cover is not legally necessary. But you must have proper coverage. This not just saves you from the unplanned expenses of a dysfunctional car but also offers mental peace.

What documents are needed to get a car breakdown cover?

Getting a car breakdown cover with White Recovery is easy. We will need just the basic details about you and your car. These details include the make and model of your car, its age, and your personal details.

Is there a limit on callouts?

No. We accept unlimited callouts. We understand that car breaks downs can happen not just once or twice but multiple times. And we make sure you get assistance and recovery whenever you need it. However, please note that multiple callouts for the same fault might not be acceptable.

Can I change the level of cover?

Yes. You can upgrade your cover. (Or downgrade, if you are confident that a lower coverage would suffice). You can change the plan before the auto-renew date, and we’ll be happy to shift you to a more comfortable plan.

I need help with my car right now. What are my options?

If your car breaks down, but you don’t have a breakdown cover, you can still call us for breakdown recovery.

Also, most people don’t know this, but you can get an on-spot car breakdown cover. We offer car breakdown covers with immediate effect, albeit for a small extra fee.  As soon as you finalise the cover, we will give you immediate assistance for the issue at hand.

Contact us now for any further questions, queries or concerns.


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