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Car insurance is a legal necessity and logical investment. And for those who have just one car, things are pretty simple. They have one renewal date to remember, one policy document to handle, and one premium to pay. But in households with multiple cars and multiple drivers, things get complicated.   And today, one in every three UK households has more than one car.   If you fall under this category, you know that separate policies for each car spell trouble.  You have a lot of premiums to pay, and remembering all the dates for renewals is no less than a task. But now you can get all your cars insured under one policy. The multi-car insurance policy lets you handle all your insurance policies in a simple and streamlined way. Multi-Car Insurance

Multi-Car Insurance

Households with multiple cars don’t need to struggle to manage different insurance policies. With a multi-car insurance policy, all the cars and drivers can be listed under a single policy. Multi-car policies also come with discounts and better deals as opposed to taking out individual policies for each car.

The Benefits of Multi Car Insurance

A multi-car policy offers several benefits to households with more than one car. The benefits include –  
  • Managing insurance becomes convenient. Individual insurance policies for every car involve a lot of paperwork. And you have to remember a lot of renewal dates. The hassle is gone with a multi-car policy. You just have to manage one policy and renew it on one fixed date.
  • The overall cost of insurance goes down. By adding multiple cars to the same policy, you get several White Recovery discounts. With these discounts, the combined cost of all insurance policies goes down.
  • You get better coverage. The sum that you save with discounts can be used to add add-on coverage for high-risk drivers and cars. Drivers under 25 years of age come under the high-risk category. And you can add more add-ons for such drivers by leveraging the discounts you get for adding multiple cars to the same policy.
  • Multiple drivers can be added to the policy. You can add the main driver to the policy for each car and also add named drivers. If any of the listed drivers (main or named) is behind the wheel, we consider it the same way while processing claims.

Is Multi Car Policy Right for My Situation?

Not sure if a multi-car insurance policy is a right option for you? Well, here are certain situations in which a multi-car insurance policy is the best bet.
  1. Families with multiple cars. You can get rid of the hassle of handling individual policies. And you will also save money in the process.
  2. Couples or families that drive each other’s cars. By naming drivers in the list, you can make sure you get coverage irrespective of who is driving.
  3. If you have a car away from home but registered at the same address. If your household has students who have a car away from home (but registered at the same address), you can include those cars in the same policy.
  4. If there are unrelated people living in the same household. Whether you are living with your friends or family, you can take out combined multi-car insurance. You don’t need to be related to other drivers to take out a multi-car policy. The only requirement is that the vehicles should be registered at the same address.
If you are still not sure if a multi-car insurance policy is the right pick for you or not, you can contact our experts. We will analyze your situation, coverage needs, and budget and suggest the best option.

What is the Process of Getting a Multi Car Insurance Policy?

  Unlike individual car insurance policies, a multi-car insurance policy has the same renewal date for all the cars. But, what if your individual policy renewals are due months apart? Well, there are two ways in which you can bring together the renewal dates of all the cars. Let us explain the process with an example. Suppose you have four cars that you want to include on your multi-car policy, A, B, C, and D. The renewal dates for these cars are as follows –
  • Car A – February
  • Car B – May
  • Car C – July
  • Car D – November
Multi Car Insurance   Now, you can either get a multi-car policy in February when Car A is due for renewal. And you can add the other cars as and when they are due for renewal. And then in February next year, you can renew insurance for all your cars for the upcoming year. In this process, the premium for Car B, C, and D will be charged only for the months that they are insured for. (Car B’s premium will be from May to February. For Car C, it will be from July to February. And for Car D, it will be from November to February) Another option is to start your multi-car policy in November when Car D’s insurance is due for renewal. When Car A’s existing insurance expires in February, you can take out short term insurance for it till November. Similarly, short-term insurance till November can be taken out for Car B in May and Car C in July.

Will All the Cars Have The Same Level of Coverage?

A multi-car insurance policy does not mean a single policy for all your cars. You can still choose to have separate levels of coverage for each car listed in the policy. If you have different cars driven by different people, it is obvious that you’ll need different coverage for each car. And at White Recovery, we let you decide the level of coverage for each car separately. You can include different add-ons for each car. And all this would not affect the premium that you pay for the other cars. A multi-car insurance policy gives you the liberty to have different levels of coverage for each car, even while you are on a single policy. Multi-Car Insurance policy

Multi-Car Insurance – More Coverage at Lower Cost

  For multiple people living under the same roof, a multi-car insurance policy is the simplest way to save money on insurance. And still get adequate coverage.   With White Recovery, you can make the most of the discounts and get our top-notch services for all your cars.   Say goodbye to the struggle of managing multiple insurance policies.   Contact us now to get custom multi-car insurance quotes and drive stress-free.

Multi Car Insurance – FAQs

1. What details do I need to give to get a multi-car insurance policy?

When applying for a multi-car insurance policy, you will have to furnish the following details –
  • The number plate (or the make and model) details of each car that you wish to insure under the policy.
  • Details about existing renewal dates (if any).
  • Name and Date of Birth for all the drivers you want to list under the policy.
  • Any previous claims made by any of the drivers.
  • Any existing no-claims bonus for all the drivers.
  • Any driving convictions against any of the drivers.

2. What happens to my No-Claims bonus if there is a claim for another car in the policy?

If the driver of a car included in your policy makes a claim, it will not affect other cars’ no-claims bonuses. However, if the named driver for your car makes a claim, it will affect your no-claims bonus too.

3. Can I insure my work car in a multi-car insurance policy?

If you are the registered keeper of your work car and the vehicle is kept at your address, you can add it to your multi-car policy.

4. Can I insure an electric car in a multi-car insurance policy?

Yes, you can. You can add an electric car to your multi-car insurance policy with White Recovery. The level of coverage and add-ons that you select for your electric car will affect the overall cost of the policy in a manner similar to adding another petrol/diesel engine car.

5. What does multi-car insurance offer coverage for?

A multi-car insurance policy is similar to individual car insurance policies in terms of coverage. You can select different levels of coverage and include add-ons.
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