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Imagine this scenario – you are driving to the airport, and your passengers are on their way to a trip to their dream destination. London, Paris, or New York. A sumptuous travel experience awaits them. It’s obvious – they’re excited. But out of the blue, your taxi breaks down. You are left stranded on the road, frantically trying to get your taxi up and running again. The family is furious, and the clock is ticking. Not an ideal situation, is it? God forbid this ever happens to you. But if it does, your ratings are bound to go down as a taxi driver or as a taxi company. Although it is not your fault at all, your business is going to get affected massively; each and every review counts. Well, if this makes you anxious, know that there is a perfect solution to your problems – Taxi Breakdown Cover.

What is Taxi Breakdown Cover?

what a mouthful, right? It’s much easier to understand the term when you break it into two parts. Taxi Breakdown, and Cover.

Taxi Breakdown Cover will make sure that you stay on the road.

If you ever find yourself in a pickle, it will do its best to help you out. Depending upon your plan, Taxi Breakdown Cover will provide coverage for everything from Alternative Transport to Extra Fuel; if ever the need arises.

Taxi Breakdown Cover UK

What does Taxi Breakdown Cover include?

As we said, it depends on your plan.

At White Recovery, we understand your needs, and our Taxi Breakdown Cover plan is curated accordingly. Let us tell you about some of the basic services that we offer –

Roadside Assistance

A mechanic will be available at your beck and call, 24/7, night or day. No need to worry about unnecessary delays.

Problems such as flat tyres, drained batteries, and lack of fuel will be taken care of.

Breakdown Recovery

If it turns out that the problem just cannot be fixed on the roadside, we will see to it that your taxi is towed to the nearest repair facility or garage. And of course, we will take care of the payments.

Provisions for Onward Journey

Remember that family we were talking about? The ones traveling to their dream destination?

You do not need to be distressed about horrible ratings.

It is our job to make sure that your passengers reach where they need to be, on time. We’ll do our best to provide an alternative for the remainder of the journey.

Theft and Vandalism

You might have winced as you read that. But it is common knowledge that taxi drivers and their passengers are at a massive risk of being victims of robbery, theft, and vandalism.

But – don’t sweat over it.

We’ll reimburse you in such cases. We promise you and your passenger’s compensation for stolen items.


There are specific add-ons that provide coverage throughout. If you travel across Europe, you should consider purchasing these add-ons. They are a tremendous help.

Which is the perfect cover for me?

Before buying a Taxi Breakdown Cover, it is important to decide the type of Taxi Breakdown Cover you need to buy. This will depend upon the car you drive/own.

Different cars call for different coverage plans.

I have a new car

New cars are more reliable. The chances of them breaking down are low – but never zero.

For example, even new cars can stop by the side of the road for a lack of fuel. New cars get flat tyres too. And new cars aren’t magically immune to robberies and thefts.

The bottom line is this – even if your car is brand new, you can still benefit from Taxi Breakdown Cover.

But this cover will be different than the one you would buy if you had an old car.

So as you select the right Taxi Breakdown Cover plan for your new car, make sure that it at least provides basic coverage for breakdowns.

I have an old car

Cars older than five years old become increasingly undependable. Neither do they have a manufacturer warranty that can help you out in times of crisis?

Taxi Breakdown Cover for such cars is a must. So if you cannot invest in a new car altogether, Older cars require a much more comprehensive Taxi Breakdown Cover plan. Apart from basic coverage, opt for additional coverages too.

Coverage plans will also depend upon how you use your car.

Taxi Breakdown

I frequently undertake long journeys

If you drop and pick up passengers within the city, it is enough for you to opt for roadside assistance.

If the need arises, your car can be towed to the nearest repair facility.

But if you take long journeys frequently, a plan with Provisions for Onward Journey will particularly come in handy. No one wants to be left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

I travel across Europe

We offer add-ons to the taxi drivers/owners who drive throughout and across Europe.

Such add-ons will prove to be indispensable if you ever find yourself in need of help far away from home.

You can even opt for Emergency Overnight Accommodation, which will ensure that you and your passengers at least have a safe space to stay in if all else fails.

Why Taxi Breakdown Cover is a must?

Skipping out on Taxi Breakdown Cover is not wise.

It will not only lead to financial losses on your part but will frustrate your passengers beyond recovery. This is lethal for your business.

Indirectly, this will lead to further financial losses, because bad reviews make you lose customers.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Buy Taxi Breakdown Cover so that you never need to worry about bad reviews and financial losses (that are entirely avoidable).

Your car may let you down – but we won’t.

Taxi Breakdown Cover Prices

Basic – From £165*

Advanced – From £185*

Taxi Breakdown Cover – FAQs

  1. Is it legally mandatory?

No. Taxi Breakdown Cover is not legally mandatory. That being said – it is still the smart decision to make.

You cannot take the risk of not getting proper cover. This saves you from the trouble and expenses of repairing your car. It proves to be valuable in the case of an emergency.

2. Is there a limit on callouts?

Cars are unpredictable. They can break down at any time – after all, that’s exactly why you should buy Taxi Breakdown Cover.

We understand this, and hence, place no limits on the number of callouts.

But please note that if the same problem keeps on bugging you, we will not entertain multiple callouts for this repeating complication.

3. Can I change my plan?

We believe in the maxim “Customer is King”.

If you feel that your current plan does not offer you complete satisfaction, we will shift you to another plan.

You can upgrade your plan, or you can downgrade your plan. It’s entirely your choice.

4. How do I get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with us here. We’ll be happy to entertain any doubts, queries, and questions that you may have.

5. Is Taxi Breakdown Cover necessary?

Absolutely. That is if you don’t wish for happy customers, financial stability, and peace of mind.

Let us take care of you, your passenger, and your car when things get ugly. Buy Taxi Breakdown Cover

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