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What to do when you Sell your Car? – 8 Things to Consider

There are many things you can do to get the highest amount from the sale. Getting the best price for the sale of your car can help you easily pay off your loan and also make a tangible down payment on a new vehicle. When you want to sell your car, you have different options, such as selling it yourself, selling to a company that buys cars, or trading it in at a car dealership.

Irrespective of the path you take in selling your car, it is important to know how to negotiate, avoid any form of intimidation, and also say ‘no’ when an offer is not favourable. Read on to discover the things you need to do when you plan to sell your car.

What to do when you Sell your Car? – 8 Things to Consider

1. Figure Out How to Sell Your Car

There are many ways in which you can sell your car. Each of them has its pros and cons, and the potential to get the best sales price.

Here are some of them:

Trading into a dealership

You can sell your car by trading it in at the dealership that you want to purchase your new car from. Although you won’t get top dollar from your trade, it will help you get some savings on your sales tax. You need to be careful when you’re trading your car in. Some salespeople will try to overcharge you by mixing the price of your new vehicle, the cost of financing, and your trade-in value into a series of numbers. Make sure you treat each component of the price individually. Also, negotiate the prices.

Sell the car yourself

Although you can get the highest price by selling your car by yourself, it involves the most work. Apart from spending time preparing your car for sale and presenting years of sales paperwork, you will also be required to set up a meeting with the buyer and complete all necessary documents.

Instant cash offer

This method takes the hassle out of selling your car and also helps you get a good price for your car. You can do this process online, over the phone, or visit the dealership. All you need to do is to provide your vehicle’s license plate number or VIN. You also need to describe the condition of the car and its mileage. With these, you will get an instant offer for your car. You need to be detailed and accurate with the details you provide so that you can get a favourable offer.

This is the method that we use here at White Recovery. Simply provide us with the details above and you will receive an instant cash offer.

2. Get ready to sell the car

Get Ready to Sell the CarIf you want to receive an instant cash offer, you need to ensure that you have a well-documented repair and service history so that you can get a high offer. Get as many of the service documents as you can lay your hands on. If you have repaired your car after a collision, you need to show proof of what you repaired and must also prove that it was repaired by a reputable shop. This will help you command a high offer.

If you are the first owner of the vehicle, you can get more cash by presenting the initial purchase documents. If you still owe some money on the car, ensure you get in touch with your lender to know the procedure you can take to get the title to the car. We can help you take care of this step if you want to get an instant cash offer from White Recovery.

3. Get Your Car Ready

The person you’re selling your car to will determine the kind of effort you invest in preparing it for sale. If you’re not willing to get much return on your investment, then you will not spend much time and money. But if you want to sell your car for more money and as quickly as possible, there are some steps you shouldn’t ignore.

No amount of reconditioning can get you more money out of a 20-year-old junk car with 300,000 miles on it. However, investing some time and money into reconditioning a 3-year-old luxury sedan can give you an upper hand while negotiating. By giving your car a thorough wash and wax, you ensure you create a good first impression with it. Also, vacuum out its interior. If the car has been smoked in, you may have a hard time selling it because most buyers will not like to buy a car that smells like the smoke of a cigarette.

4. Prepare to Test Drive the Car

Prepare to Test Drive the CarAccompany anyone interested in buying your car when they test drive it. Before hitting the road, you need to do some things to ensure your safety. Send a copy of the prospective buyer’s driver’s license to a friend and inform them that you will call them when you are through with the drive. Don’t go ahead with the test drive if you are not comfortable with the situation (in other words, follow your intuition).

The test drive allows the prospective buyer to experience the condition of your car, not an opportunity for them to run their errands with it About 30 minutes is more than enough for this.

5. Get Ready for a Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you prefer to get an instant cash offer from us at White Recovery, you can either bring your car to us for inspection, or we will come to your location and take the car to our shop for a thorough inspection. This is done to ensure that the car is in the right condition and to give the appropriate cash offer. If possible, get a copy of your mechanic’s report as this will also help us ascertain the car’s condition and will also help you get a fair deal.

6. Negotiate a Price with the Buyer

Negotiate a Price with the Buyer


Many people prefer accepting instant cash offers because they are scared by the idea of negotiating the sale price of their cars Many people hate the experience of haggling over the price of a car. However, you need to realize that selling your car is a business; one that shouldn’t be affected by emotions. A buyer cannot settle for a price that is lower than the initial amount they offered Also, you cannot go higher than your initial sales price. If you don’t like an offer, you are free to walk away.

7. Complete the Paperwork

If you sell your car by trading it in at the dealership or accepting an instant cash offer, you don’t need to bother about completing any paperwork because the dealer will handle it for you. However, if you’re selling it yourself, you need to determine the registration and title documentation that you need to complete. You may be required to complete mileage disclosure, title transfer, and liability release forms.

8. Get Paid

Get PaidThis is the last stage in selling your car. When you are getting an instant cash offer from White Recovery, we will give you a check that you will take to your bank. We can also give you the cash at our office (depending on your choice). If you’re selling your car by yourself, it is recommended that you meet the buyer at their bank, let them get a cashier’s check, and sign any paperwork before you leave.

Wrapping Up

White Recovery takes the hassle out of selling your car We buy cars in London and offer instant offers that ensure you get the best deal from the sale. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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